SmartRigging manufactures standing rigging for sailing yachts using the following materials: Carbon, Zylon (PBO), Twaron (Aramid) and Dyneema (SK99, DM20). All these materials have their specific properties. Smartrigging will help you chose the best solution for your needs.


Carbon fibre


Carbon fibre has the best strenght to weight ratio. The durability of our carbon rigging is also unmatched. As a further performance upgrade our carbon rigging can be delivered in an aerofoil shape. Depending on the expected aparent wind speed (AWS) the foil shape can be optimized.


Zylon (PBO) is a lightweight material with very low stretch. This allows us to build small diameter and lightweight rigging. The finished rigging can be coiled for easy transport. The downside is strength loss over time. This results in medium lifespan.



Twaron (Aramid) is 100% the same as better known Kevlar. These materials have been used in sailboat rigging applications for over 40 years. Twaron is the most economic version of our rigging range.


Dyneema (HMPE) is a lightweight material with a very good flex life. We can use two different grades of Dyneema in the construction of our rigging. DM20 (low creep) or SK99 (high modulus/high strenght). 

Rod rigging


Rod rigging (Ni-50) is the most high performance grade of traditional steel rigging. This is proven to be the golden standard in sailboat rigging over the past 50 years. 

Eventhough the lifespan of rod rigging is good, it is significantely less then the life span of all our fibre rigging options.