100 % green

The cleanest solution for you...

SmartRigging is proud to unfold that we are a green, smart and clean company making use of solar energy. Since autumn 2020, we are working on a negative carbon footprint, whereby we are using solar panels. In March 2021, we finally also cut loose of gas heating systems and make use of our own produced solar energy.

In total, we are producing nine times as much energy as needed for production and running business operations and offices.

Furthermore, over 99 per cent of the material used in our aramid cables is recyclable after its’ lifespan is reached.

Additionally, producing cables which are 90 per cent lighter, as well as seven times longer-lasting, is sustainable. We are guaranteeing a nearly zero-waste product and consequently a greener image for your company and us.


Below you can see a picture of our green production facility in Joure. On our roofs we have several big solar panels producing energy!

alt="prodcution facility with solar panels"