Lateral rigging

Lateral rigging on a sailing yacht refers to the standing rigging components that provide support and stability to the mast in a lateral (side-to-side) direction. This rigging is crucial for maintaining the shape and integrity of the mast, which, in turn, affects the sail’s performance and the overall handling of the yacht.

Dis-continuous rigging: All shrouds are induvidialy connected at the spreader end. This can be done using forked endfittings, metal linkplates or traditional steel tipcups. This setup allows for induvidual replacement of shrouds.

Continuous rigging: All shrouds are connected into one tree.
All diagonals are build at full length and combined into verticals. The results are; Less weight, more aerodynamic (reduced windage)

Proper tuning of the lateral rigging is essential for safe and efficient sailing. This involves adjusting the tension in the shrouds and stays to achieve the desired mast bend and sail shape while preventing excessive stress on the rigging components.