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Our smart service for you...

Our highly qualified SmartRigging employees share a deep passion for sailing, which is why we deliver the new standing riggings to your ship, anywhere in the world!
SmartRigging has developed a service matrix allowing service and maintenance intervals to be calculated for each project.

One of the reasons to choose for SmartRigging is our highly qualified project management. Personally, based on the wishes of our clients, we are creating custom solutions, end fittings, as well as hardware. Each cable is engineered to adjust to each specific demand. To ensure that our

To ensure you receive the best products possible, SmartRigging maintains a very stringent Quality Control system. All materials used in our stays are traceable and have been purchased from leading companies in their field.

We, as SmartRigging, have developed a unique service and maintenance system, which recognises that each sailor has different needs. With the help of our system, our clients do not have to be bothered by long-lasting testing and checking.  Our sailing clients can be sure that their SmartRigging gear is always in good shape!

Also, our racing team clients receive the highest level of service from us! They are in need of constant checking of boats and rigging and will, of course, receive SmartRigging assistance from us! We will cooperate with our clients to create the optimum between reliability and performance by determining the sailing time and sailing intensity.

If you want to know more about our unique maintenance schedule, contact us!