Our cables

Our cables

SmartRigging produces a vast variety of cables and covers. Standardly, cables can be constructed with different fibres such as PBO, Aramid, Vectran, and Dyneema HMPE.

Depending on the fibre and the end fittings chosen, the weight, chafe resistance and price can variate. If you want to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact one of our trained employees.

SmartRigging produces an anti-torsion cable to withstand extreme conditions on board. The high tensile stainless steel torsion body can withstand the forces occurring while furling in rough conditions. To withstand these forces, the stay is braided with a layer of aramid and a special resin to create a stronger stiffness. The body is equipped with a smart bumper protecting the lashing and braid.

To provide our clients with the best possible rigging solutions, we conduct thorough tests and use several terminals. Due to this, we, as SmartRigging, can ensure the best quality for you!

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End Fittings

SmartRigging cables can be equipped with different types of fittings and terminals in order to create the best product for our clients.

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Cable comparison

In order to ensure, that our cables are the best and strongest cables for your applications, we are testing our cables in different manners.