FireFly rigged by SmartRigging.

alt="Yachting boat FireFly on water"

Firefly is the prototype of a new one-design race-classic of the F-class. She is developed as a high-performance racer, optimised to race in the Spirit of Tradition class. The design brief called “for a yacht to be fast on all points of sail, both in light- and heavy wind”. With a displacement of just below 60 ton and a draft of 5,2 meter, the design is extremely powerful. The one-design class that is developed under the auspiciën of the F-Class Association also allows a lifting keel to be used, but the first prototype will be built with a fixed keel.
The deck layout can be customised. The interior, for the first yacht, is minimal, although a regular interior layout is possible and accepted in the Class.

FireFly is a Hoek Design, she is being built by Claassen Jachtbouw, the mast will be supplied by Hall Spars and the rigging by SmartRigging.  Sails will be supplied by North Sails.

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