Endless Winding Technology

Endless Winding Technology

SmartRigging produces its cables with the help of our Endless Winding Robot.

Endless winding is a completely automated process that involves continuous winding of fibres around two thimbles until the right cable strength or required cable stretch has been reached.

This advanced way of manufacturing is used by the leading fibre cable producers in the world. It permits SmartRigging to ensure that the lightweight end fittings of the cable are always attached to some of the strongest fibres in the world.

Our SmartRigging cables are being produced within eight unique steps to create the best cable in the highest quality possible for our clients.

The production process begins at the planning, whereby our employees and the CEO sit together to determine the perfect cable solution for our client.

After that, the cables are produced within six individual steps in our production facility in Joure, the Netherlands. Below, you can find each step of the production process.

Winding process

With the help of our endless winding machines, we can produce cables from 80-centimetre length to 180-metre total length. Additionally, due to our unique and patented manner, we can create cables with a diameter of one millimetre to 25 centimetres to fit each application. Our machines work at a top speed of 6 m/s entirely to create cables in the quickest and qualitative best manner.
During the winding process, the fibres are parallelly wound around each other to assure a constant level of strength and quality.

Compressing and sealing

Hereby, the parallel wound cable will be turned and tightened with the help of our strong men and high tech machines. During this process, a thin plastic film will be put around the cable to seal the fibres inside.


After producing and compressing the cable, our unique braiding machines will braid a protection layer around the cable. For our fibre coats, we use a thin layer of Dyneema braid. When stronger protection is needed, we use our robust Aramid braid. A special coating improves the properties of the protective level of braid. Although this coating is mostly transparent, the colour can also be adjusted to your needs.

End Fittings

Our 3D aluminium moulds are designed to deploy our vacuum injection PU system to seal the end fittings. This ensures that they are waterproof and characterised by maximum strength and flexibility, as well as a long lifespan.


During the last step, the production process will be finalised with the help of men power. The quality of the cables will be checked during the process of cleaning the end terminations.
After the colours and resins dried up, the cable goes under final quality control before being shipped off to our client’s destination.

That is how we make the strongest cable in the world!