Cable Comparison

Cable Comparison

SmartRigging Testings

Testing procedure and results

SmartRigging conducted with the help of R&D departments several testings of the SmartRigging SR-20 PBO Cables, SR-20 Aramid, a dash 40 rod, and a 14 mm Dyfrom.

The testing results show that the high-performance PBO cable has the highest break load and lowest weight possible at a cable diameter equal to a Dyform and 10 per cent smaller than a rod.

SmartRigging can provide every yachtsman with the most economical custom-built rigging system featuring the smallest diameter and lowest weight possible.

Cable Weight

SmartRigging cables are 80 to 85 per cent lighter than existing rod rigging cables. The lightness of the cables increases the onboard stability causing more speed, as well as improved safety and sailing comfort.

SmartRigging will improve power transfer, top speed, acceleration, manoeuvrability, transition time, pitching and hobby horsing due to the reduced weight.

Cable weight at the same strength

PBO 20%
Aramid 40%
Rod 100%
Dyform 110%

Break Load Testing

SmartRigging has approximately a two-times higher break load compared to existing rod rigging systems at the same stretch. This high break load ensures improved safety onboard in critical overload situations.

Break load at the same stretch

PBO 200%
Aramid 150%
Rod 100%
Dyform 110%

Stretch Testing

SmartRigging PBO cables have an equal stretch compared to the rod equivalent with a ten per cent larger diameter. High-tech super fibres, such as PBO and aramid, can theoretically stretch two per cent or less before breaking. In practice, a PBO cable will usually break at approximately one per cent stretch.

At the safe working load (usually 30-40 per cent of the break load of a rod), the stretch is between 0.3 and 0.4 per cent. If the fibre tension differentiates, the stretch rises above 0.6 %.

Thanks to its endless winding production method, SmartRigging can control fibre tension during the production within a tolerance of 0.1 per cent, resulting in the highest break load, lowest stretch and smallest diameter possible.

Diameter at the same stretch

PBO 100%
Aramid 160%
Rod 100%
Dyform 110%

Fatigue Test

SmartRigging cables have a remarkable fatigue life when designed on rod stretch equivalent and used correctly. SmartRigging cables last eight times longer than rod rigging systems when cycled between five and 35 per cent of the breaking strength of a rod.

The fatigue tests were performed at the technical university of Leuven in Belgium and are based on actual sailing data.